“We have been overjoyed with Serendipity.  There is a level of love and nurturing there that goes beyond other childcare facilities we looked at.  My daughter started when she was 1.5 years old as a very shy and attached child, and Serendipity has truly helped her to blossom.  She’s currently in the preschool room, where we’ve been impressed with the commitment to social and educational growth.  I’ve also truly appreciated Jenny’s openness to new ideas to better the program.”
–Nicki, Cold Spring

“We love Serendipity!  The staff is amazing and the setting is truly idyllic.  It’s tucked back on a beautiful property with plenty of safe, outdoors areas for the kids to play.  Indoors, the rooms are clean and nicely organized with plenty of space. With extras like yoga, computer class and music, Serendipity offers inspirational learning and child-care.”
–Ana, Cold Spring

“I simply love having my son Henry going to Serendipity. The atmosphere is happy and playful. The teachers are amazing and always have a huge smile. My son loves to play in the beautiful playground. Serendipity is so clean and smells wonderful. They provide amazing delicious food. I enjoy getting all the arts and crafts from my son. I wish I had known about Serendipity for my two older boys. We are so lucky to have Henry growing up there with such an amazing and nurturing staff.”
–Luz, Cold Spring

“It is hard to overstate the peace of mind that comes from dropping off my kids at a place where they are treated with real care and their well-being is assured. That’s huge, for all of us. Thank goodness for Serendipity.”
–Mother of two, Cold Spring

“My 2nd grader, who ‘graduated’ nearly three years ago, still asks to visit Serendipity. We all feel a real bond with Serendipity and its warm and wonderful staff.”
–Mark, Cold Spring

“For a working mom with a big commute, there is no greater gift than knowing your babies are in good hands. Serendipity is much, much more than a daycare—it is a community of teachers, many of whom are moms, caring for our children as if they were their own.”
–Tildy, Cold Spring